I have spent the last 15 years racing skateboards down long steep hills in search of speed and the podium. Some days it all comes together like this one against one of the fastest men around – Jonny ‘The Thriller’ Miller of ABEC 11 wheels who is an ambassador of speed, highly creative, caring dad and fearless. Here are we racing in the Finals on a gnarly patch of descent known as Loretta Street – the Mavericks of Asphalt. Also pictured is ripper Scott Hostert – a good friend and badass vert rider for over 40 years. Between these guys, including the fast Masters Pro posse of KD, Jackhammer, Eric, RickPink Floyd, World Champion Lynnibob, PC, Paul, Lou, longtime race partner Judi and the inimitable JBH – it is always a competitive showdown for who gets podium.