Hoh Rain Forest

By John Ravitch / September 25, 2023

Deep silence + the presence of everything Today, we are in a natural classroom with Gordon Hempton. A global adventurer and sound tracker, Gordon is able to unlock the underlying beauty of planet Earth through silence. Within our first moments together, it is clear that he is incredibly in-tune with his surroundings and tapping into…

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Chaco Canyon

By John Ravitch / May 15, 2023

“The sky begins at your feet.” The birthplace of North American modern culture begins right here in Nageezi, New Mexico. We just are a few hours from Santa Fe running hard on beat up backroads. These chunky dirt dusty pathways are the only way in and they are methodically beating the crap out of our…

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By John Ravitch / April 16, 2023

Like a smooth leaden boulder, Flight 237 drops out of the night sky skimming onto a well-worn airstrip at dawn, just a stones throw from Roma. It’s 6:30am and we on a last minute trip to begin a time-honored sibling act -> couch-surfing at my sister’s apartment. Amy is on a creative sabbatical. And Adisa…

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New York City

By John Ravitch / February 1, 2023

We are deep inside the crackling neon canyons of Times Square, an immense outdoor palace of cultural wonder. It is 29 degrees on this black and frigid night. I am looking down into a sea of rhythmically pulsing advertisements trying to make sense of it all. Feels like a Hieronymus Bosch scene –  a writhing…

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Osaka Wall


By John Ravitch / November 11, 2022

We are just a few days into our month-in-Japan adventure and it already feels like forever and ago since we left Santa Fe. Having an incredible time so far, brimming with so much anticipation that we completely forgot to be jetlagged. Correspondingly, coffee is surprisingly good here. Green tea is my friend. Sidewalk hot/cold refreshment…

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By John Ravitch / August 17, 2020

While living in Oz in 2020, I made a quick 5-day solo drop into the beating heart of the future metropolis. Life changing. Design is everywhere there, especially in the details: everything is right-sized to the specific need – no excess. It was a gorgeous deep summer there – and there was no sleep to…

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Aussies in Action

By John Ravitch / May 22, 2020

A smattering of our damn-good-fun Oz friends for you here. Their down-to-earth optimism, humor, and genuine curiosity is my personal benchmark for the kind of people I seek to have in my life. These snaps speak to their life force.

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Dark MoFo

By John Ravitch / July 6, 2019

The awe-inspiring Dark MoFo festival in Tasmania is a vivid mash-up of Burning Man, Brothers Grimm, Heath Ledger b-movies and the Venice Art Biennale. For over a century, the Tasmin capital city of Hobart has been the port of departure for risky Antarctic expeditions. It is now transformed once a year into an edgy arts…

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By John Ravitch / January 8, 2019

A warm hello from that other hemisphere where I am living Down Under with Adisa. Australia is both wonderfully familiar, teaming with culture and yet quite different. Hard to briefly sum up this new life – it feels like a mash-up of my 19-year old ‘first trip to Europe’ student-self with a life-experienced Bay Area…

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World’s Most Livable City

By John Ravitch / May 3, 2018

Though few Americans visit – Melbourne is one of the world’s most livable cities. Rich in the arts, music and especially coffee. Sydney gets the press, tourists and crowds, wherever Melbourne is more livable a few times over. Here are some snaps I took along the way. This is the best place to learn more about the…

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