Tokyo Immersion

I made a quick 5-day solo drop into the beating heart of the future metropolis. Life changing. Design is everywhere there, especially in the details: everything is right-sized to the specific need - no excess. It was a gorgeous deep summer there - and there was no sleep to be had. Too much to see according to the ultra-vivid infographics blinking at me. Urban yet lush. Packed yet clean. Complex yet easy to navigate. Beautifully colored floral outfits set against a sea of Japanese suit and ties. Walking for hours. Deep into the night, stopping for a 2am snack. The first image below reminded me of the famous 1831 Japanese woodcut by Katsushika Hokusai.

Tokyo's teamLAB is a digital wonderland, an emotional explosion of light, color and beauty. Flowers fly meteor-like across ethereal, dark digi-skies.

John Ravitch