A warm hello from that other hemisphere where I am living Down Under with Adisa. Australia is both wonderfully familiar, teaming with culture and yet quite different. Hard to briefly sum up this new life – it feels like a mash-up of my 19-year old ‘first trip to Europe’ student-self with a life-experienced Bay Area wizened greybeard clearly seeing all that is beautifully human and analog in the classroom that is Oz. Melbourne is a cross between a London neighborhood, Portland food culture and remarkably free of Americans who stick more to fancy Sydney. And we love it here. So much to see and learn on the daily walk to and from work – the cackling kookaburras, creative culturally oriented folks, immersive museum experiences, street art and British Victorian architecture.

New friends, enchanting places and different conversations – it’s on.

More updates to come in 2019.

John Ravitch

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  1. Fluitt on at

    We want to hear more about your adventures in Melbourne! Love the pictures too!

  2. Cindy Dellinget on at

    Love this blog and so fun to hear about your new adventures in Melbourne. Keep sharing…as we vicariously go on this adventure with you!

    Cindy Dellinger

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