Slow Looking Fast Guy

Downhill skateboard slalom racing is core to who I am – a full-on throwdown of who can hurl themselves down a hill thru 65 cones in 22 seconds on a steep and sometimes gnarly asphalt pitch. Much has been written on the topic – but pics best capture the vibe. Slow Looking Fast Guy is the name given to me racing pioneer Gary Fluitt who tried to describe how I seemed to find my way onto the winner’s podium more than my physique suggests.


And every race day starts with a big breakfast!

Racing with Dogtown Legend Dave Hackett

John Ravitch

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  1. Fluitt on at

    Great shot of you and Scott H. battling it out. Love the site!

  2. Sarah on at

    Like that nick name for you! It is amazing that you’ve kept up your skateboarding through all the broken bones. I’m impressed.

  3. Eric on at

    Yikes…doesn’t look like a slow guy to me!

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