Recently back (and still coming down) from the most vivid chapter of my adult life. Living in Oz was beyond our wildest hopes. Our ‘local’ side trips to New Zealand, Tokyo and stunning Tasmania were equally unforgettable. The new friends we made will be with us for the rest of our lives. Yet with the pandemic re-surging (again), Adisa and I chose to return and shelter-in-place in SF -> which is now Santa Fe.

Initially, I was hesitant to live in the prickly high-desert amongst the packs of pre-dawn coyote. At 7k elevation, we are squarely stepping into our Covid gap year on Adisa’s home turf – New Mexico is a place she has known intimately since she was nineteen as an EMT nee’ archeologist.

I am just beginning to see what she already knows in her bones where the landscape reveals itself a little bit differently with each passing day. We kinda live in open nature now – with its quiet, unpaved and sweeping views as we hunker down until returning to urban Melbourne (post-pandemic). New Mexico is our safe perch in this flummoxing and fakakta time.

More to come….

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