Webster: Wrestling truth from the arcane

Few people at IDEO capture the essence what it means to be a designer better than David Webster.

He wrestles the truth from the arcane.

“Every single human is capable of being creative. Technology is providing us with the most powerful tools in history. The world needs all of us to choose to do something positive with that. But technology can often be a problem as well. These days, we are all too familiar with the unintended consequences of technological advances. And the pace of progress is only increasing. Technology advances won’t stop. We don’t get to control whether they happen, but the right design approach lets us influence how they happen. David believes that optimism still works when it comes to creating with technology. By observing a few simple steps, anyone can orient their creativity and invent in a way that brings out the best at the intersection of human and technology.”

David Webster is a colleague at IDEO – he is passionate about using design to humanise technology.  David is particularly focused on exploring the new affordances of emerging technologies. A current example is ‘augmented intelligence’, where the goal is to use artificial intelligence to extend and complement, rather than replace, human capability.


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